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Hello and welcome to an exciting insight of our weekly aerobic lesson here at Berea Primary School!!!

Aerobics is taken every Wednesday in the school hall by health/fitness enthusiasts – Mrs Erasmus and Mrs Wilmot, who are members of Virgin Active gym and who also attend private lessons with a local personal trainer.

Our aim at school is to not only assist our learners to get fit through fun exercise, but to also incorporate and educate them on healthy eating, healthy food choices and how to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The lessons are all pre planned and we alternate weekly by starting off with a good cardio workout, followed by a sequence of dance/exercises or we set up a circuit whereby the girls perform different exercises at different stations at 30 second intervals.

Aerobic classes were included into the extra curricular timetable at the beginning of this year and to date this has proved to be a most beneficial activity. We have had no less than 40 excited and enthusiastic girls join our weekly lessons and they have all have given positive feedback on how they are changing their lifestyles to become healthy and ultimately happy, within themselves as individuals.


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  • Mrs Wilmot


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