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Age Calculator

Fun with Time.

Find out how old you or anyone you know is with this Age and time Calculator. This is a fun and educational way to practice telling time in terms of minutes, hours, months, years and even decades!

Use this tool to calculate exactly what day of the week you or even your parents were born. It can even show you just how many seconds you have been alive.

Want to find out how many days until your next birthday? Now go on and give it a try as you learn the basics of calculating time.

Exactly... how old are you???


time of birth (optional)
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Frequently questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the Berea Primary School.

How and when do we apply for places at your school?

How and when to apply is easy. When the time is right, we make it known on our school website and in local newspapers and media.

Do you admit boys?

We take boys from Grade R to Grade 3, but thereafter we become an all-girls school. This is because we do not have the space for the sporting and other facilities that growing boys require.

When do you begin and end your swimming lessons?

In summer, swimming lessons are incorporated into the curriculum and in winter this is replaced by physical education lessons.

Who is the Head of Department of the Foundation Phase?

The Head of Department for the Foundation Phase is Ms. N. Singh. Refer to our staff page on how to get in touch with her.

Where can I purchase school uniform for my child?

You can get our official school uniform from school uniform suppliers like GEM school wear.

Do you offer Aftercare services?

A Junior and Senior Care Centre facility is available on school days for peace of mind for working parents. It must however be stressed that this facility is an 'extra' and is in no way a part of the school's formal academic programme. The Care Centre is not open during school holidays

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