Berea Primary School Excellence in Teaching


Berea Primary School Core Features

Be A Light To The World

Quality Education

The joy of learning starts here, with excellent resources and facilities, a relevant and child-centred curriculum and a strong sense of school spirit, identity and common purpose.

Learning Best Practce

We provide a safe, secure environment where each individual is unique and special.

Holistic Development

Learners can express themselves creatively and culturally, feel stimulated and challenged, develop social skills and feel a strong sense of belonging.

Study Plan

Organisation is part of a healthy upbringing and lifestyle and so we encourage planning in all things academic and otherwise.

Advanced Practice

Practice is that which makes perfect. Whether sitting behind a desk, wielding a paint brush or bouncing a basketball, practice is best.


Research of given topics and assignments is encouraged and facilited through a state of the art Media Centre and Computer Room with access to vast online resources.

Berea Primary School focuses on these ....

Berea Days Are The Best Days Of All!

01. Pursuit of Excellence

The pursuit of excellence in education and the spirit of service both within our school and the wider community will be our goal.

03. Berea Family

Our family is made up of inspired, experienced and professional educators; friendly, caring and helpful support staff; involved and appreciative parents; and many happy and fulfilled children!

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02. Best Learning Practice

To build a school characterised by love, care and compassion.

04. Sharing Principles

We all share the same goals and principles. We believe in our learners and have high expectations for them.

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20 Bellevue Rd, Berea, Durban, 4001