Berea Primary School Governing Body

Be A Light To The World.

Berea Primary School School Governing Body

Be A Light To The World.

Composition of the SGB (2018)

The School Governing Body (SGB) is composed of ten (10) members. 5 parent members: Mr Leon Lambert (Chairman) Mr Farouk Jeffrey (Vice Chairman) Pastor Reginald Zondo (Treasurer) Mrs Maryam Khaki Mitha and Mr Innocent Ndlovu serve as parent representatives.

On the Governing body the Principal serves in an ex officio capacity. The educators are represented by Mrs Jayne Matthee and Mrs Leona Vosloo and the members of staff are represented by Mr Shane Schamrel.Mr Suren Rooplall serves as a co-opted member for his expertise in the area of Financial Management.

The SGB meets at least twice a term and sub committees dealing with Finance, Safety and Security and Staff Selection meet at regular intervals in between.

The SGB is a highly committed group, totally dedicated to serving the school on governance matters in their entirety and supporting the Principal in ensuring the smooth running of the school. In order to ensure effective teaching and learning takes place, the SGB employs 17 full time educators and a library assistant. This is in addition to the 18 state paid educators employed by the Education Department. Staff development is a critical part of providing a motivated staff and the Berea Primary staff attended a wide variety of workshops, including intense updated training on the implementation of the Curriculum and several team building programmes which took place during the course of the year.

In order to ensure that our school is clean, well maintained, secure and financially stable, the SGB employs a maintenance manager, 4 additional cleaners, a security guard and 2 full time administrative/financial staff. We have also invested in the services of a security company which provides us with 2 trained security guards daily, from 6am to 6pm. All entrances and exits to the school are now guarded substantially. 5 members of staff are employed to run the Care Centre facility in the afternoons.

During the course of 2017 we welcomed Miss Moore as our Music Specialist, Miss Mungal as a Grade 6 Educator and Miss Goble as a Grade 5 Educator. It was with sadness that we bade farewell to our Art Specialist, Madame, at the end of 2017.

On the maintenance and infrastructure side, 2017 saw great strides taken to upgrade facilities. Most significant was the completion and opening of our beautiful new isiZulu/Afrikaans Department – housing 2 state of the art classrooms and an office. This has alleviated undesirable pressure on our available classroom space. 2017 also saw the laying of the astro turf on the patio, which has not only proved to be aesthetically pleasing, but has also provided a much more comfortable waiting area for the children and an extended learning area for outdoor lessons.

Regular attention was given to painting, plumbing, purchasing of new furniture where necessary and building repairs, resulting in a well maintained school.

Safety and Security of our learners was and always is, treated as a priority. CCTV surveillance cameras provide constant footage at 14 strategic points around the school. Each staff member is issued with a panic button that is linked directly to the Blue Security Control Room. Staff wear these buttons at all times whilst on school premises for use in cases of emergency. Additional guards have been employed to ensure that all entrances and exits to the school are manned at all times.

In this the year 2018 it is our aim to complete the following: (already in progress…)

  1. A new ablution block exclusively for the use of the Grade R children.
  2. Upgrade of all the Foundation Phase ablution facilities.
  3. Creation of a covered, tiered seating system at the waiting area at the main gate as the existing area in inadequate, particularly on rainy days.

Academically, the school is proud of its achievements. In the Principal’s academic report for 2017, the overall class averages are in the substantial to meritorious achievement brackets, translating into a 60 to 80% average in almost all subjects.

We do have a school to be proud of and are “all systems go” for an exciting and stimulating 2018. Our theme “The Champion in Me – Unlock your Potential” has already brought much in the way of deliberate goal setting, achievement and growth in confidence to us all!


The Berea Primary family will strive to

Create a safe, supportive and happy working environment for all its members
Teach and learn with passion, encouraging staff development and individual growth
Provide a dynamic curriculum suitable to the development of the whole child
Lay a solid foundation upon which further learning can take place
Promote individual talents and skills
Provide up to date resources and facilities
Maintain class sizes conducive to effective learning and teaching
See diversity of race, culture and language as a gift
Embrace strong moral principles in all we do
Appreciate and acknowledge the grace of God

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