Berea Primary School Staff 2018

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Berea Primary School Teachers...

Our family is made up of inspired, experienced and professional educators.
Mrs. B.E. Williams
School PrincipalMrs. B.E. Williams
Mrs. J.V. Matthee
Deputy PrincipalMrs. J.V. Matthee
Mrs. M. Pestana Do Vale
Administration SecretaryMrs. M. Pestana Do Vale
Mr. S. Rooplall
Financial ManagerMr. S. Rooplall
Mrs. S. Naidoo
Senior Administration Clerk / Finance SecretaryMrs. S. Naidoo
Miss. C. Anderson
Educator - Grade RAMiss. C. Anderson
Mrs J.P. Wade
Educator - Grade RWMrs J.P. Wade
Ms. S. Buckels
Educator - Grade 1BMs. S. Buckels
Mrs. H. Pema
Educator - Grade 1PMrs. H. Pema
Mrs L.J. Wilmot
Educator - Grade 4WMrs L.J. Wilmot
Mrs. C. Gradwell
Educator - Grade 3GMrs. C. Gradwell
Miss. N. Munilal
Educator - Grade 2MMiss. N. Munilal
Miss. Y. Sewambar
Educator - Grade 2SMiss. Y. Sewambar
Mrs. C. Erasmus
Educator - Grade 3EMrs. C. Erasmus
Miss N. Singh
Educator - Grade 1S (H.O.D.)Miss N. Singh
Miss. K. Govender
Educator - Grade 3GOMiss. K. Govender
Mrs B.A. Mafu
Educator - Grade 2MAMrs B.A. Mafu
Mrs. A. Potgieter
Educator - Grade 4PMrs. A. Potgieter
Miss C. Goble
Educator - Grade RGMiss C. Goble
Mrs. T. Japp-Pearse
Specialist - AfrikaansMrs. T. Japp-Pearse
Mrs. M. Lochund
Educator - Grade 5LMrs. M. Lochund
Mrs. S. Naidoo
Educator - Grade 6NMrs. S. Naidoo
Mrs. G. Pillay
Educator - Grade 6P (H.O.D.)Mrs. G. Pillay
Mrs. S. Narrainswamy
Educator - Grade 6NAMrs. S. Narrainswamy
Mrs. M. Kisten
Educator - Grade 7KMrs. M. Kisten
Mrs A.L. Roelofse
Educator - Grade 7RMrs A.L. Roelofse
Mrs. L. Vosloo
Educator - Grade 7VMrs. L. Vosloo
Mr. Y. Naidoo
Educator - Grade 5NMr. Y. Naidoo
Mrs. L. Immelman
Specialist - Media Center (H.O.D.)Mrs. L. Immelman
Miss. N. Zuke
Specialist - IsiZuluMiss. N. Zuke
Miss. S. Gokool
Specialist - IsiZuluMiss. S. Gokool
Miss. C. Moore
Specialist - MusicMiss. C. Moore
Mrs. J. Dlamini
Specialist - IsiZuluMrs. J. Dlamini
Mrs. S. Jeewa
Educator - Grade 4JMrs. S. Jeewa
Miss S. Ngcobo
Specialist - IsiZuluMiss S. Ngcobo
Mrs. L.C. Jackson
Specialist - Art RoomMrs. L.C. Jackson
Mrs. J.Avellini
Educator - Grade 5AMrs. J.Avellini
Mr. S. Schamrel
Maintenance ManagerMr. S. Schamrel
Miss. Z. Msimango
Support StaffMiss. Z. Msimango
Mr. G. Mkhize
Support StaffMr. G. Mkhize
Mr. R. Shange
Support StaffMr. R. Shange
Miss. R. Busane
Support StaffMiss. R. Busane
Miss. A. Ndobe
Support StaffMiss. A. Ndobe

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