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Berea Primary School Fee Structure 2020

Below are our school fee structure. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Dear Parents

As per our Annual Budget Meeting held on Tuesday, 08th October 2019, it was agreed upon by the necessary quorum being present that the School Fees and Aftercare Fees for 2020 shall be as follows:

School Fees for the year 2020 would be set at

  • R16 900.00 for Grade R (Reception Class)
  • R16 500.00 for Grade 1 - 7

Aftercare Fees for the year 2020 would be set at

  • R6 600.00 for Grades R - 2
  • R6 000.00 for Grades 3 - 7
  1. The School Fees are payable in advance at the beginning of the school year, save to the event that any parents have been granted an exemption or partial exemption in accordance with Regulations Relating to the Exemption of Parents from Payment of School Fees in Public Schools, R 1052 in terms of the South African Schools Act, No 84 of 1996.
  2. The School may extend the terms of payment, completely at its discretion.
  3. Should the School grant any parent any indulgence in the payment of school fees, this undertaking in no way changes the fact that the payment of school fees are a statutory duty and not a voluntary agreement, particularly not a credit agreement as defined in terms of the National Credit Act No. 34 of 2005.
  4. Should the school allow any parent any form of extended payment and they default and fail to pay any single instalment by the due date, then the whole amount that is outstanding will become immediately due and payable.

Parents are required to:
  • Authorise the School to do Credit Bureau searches on them, and in the event of any school fees due by any parent not being paid, have their names listed with the relevant Credit Bureau.
  • Choose an address as their legal domicile for service of all legal notices and processes by the school.

Any person who is not the biological parent or guardian of any learner that they wish to admit to the School – shall in so far as they legally exempt, be required to accept responsibility of parents as defined in Section 1 of the South African Schools Act.

Parents will be required to undertake joint liability for school fees.

Direct Deposits

Account Name
Berea Primary School
First National Bank (FNB)
A/C No.
Musgrave Road
Branch Code

[Please fax or email deposit slip with child's name, surname & grade – Fax 031-2019923 – Email: /].
Please note that a SPEED POINT facility is available at school for easy payment by credit and debit card.
N.B. For safety reasons, we would like to keep cash payments to a minimum. EFT and CARD payments are the preferred payment options.

The School fee includes:

  • Textbooks / Reading books which are loaned to the learners. If they are irreparably damaged or lost – the parent is liable for the replacement value of the book.
  • A personalised house badge with the child's name. Provided only on entry to the school. If lost, the re-order cost is R50.00 payable by the parents. This name badge is a compulsory part of the school uniform.
  • A "starter pack" of stationery (books and covers only) to all learners in Grade Three. As books are filled, the learners must replace them.
  • Free stationery (books and covers only) for Grade One & Two.

N.B. School photographs and group accident insurance will be charged separately from school fees.

Please Note:

  • For monthly payers, the Debit Order Form is the most recommended method of payment.
  • One month's notice (or 1 month's school fees) is required of all learners leaving the school during the course of the year.

For more information, feel free to write an email to or use our Contact Us page.

Parent's attention should be drawn to the Schools' Code of Conduct which is available on request. It can also be viewed on the D6 Communicator or on the School's website here

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