Berea Primary School Senior phase

The Pinnacle of Primary School Education.

Senior Phase

Finalising Primary School Education

Grade 7

Grade 7 is the beginning of the Senior Phase. CAPS, the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements, was introduced in Grade 7 in 2014.

Nine subjects are studied by the Grade 7 learners

  • English Home Language
  • Isizulu OR Afrikaans – First Additional Language
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences – History and Geography
  • Technology
  • Economic and Management Sciences
  • Life Orientation
  • Creative Arts – Visual Arts and Drama

Overview of skills covered in the Languages

  • Listening and speaking
  • Reading and viewing
  • Writing and presenting
  • Language structures and conventions

Mathematics content areas

  • Numbers, Operations and Relations
  • Patterns, Functions and Algebra
  • Space and Shape (Geometry)
  • Measurement
  • Data Handling

Natural Sciences

Life and Living
  • The Biosphere
  • Biodiversity
  • Sexual reproduction
  • Variations
Matter and Materials
  • Properties of materials
  • Separating mixtures Acids, Bases and Neutrals
  • Periodic table of elements
Energy and Change
  • Sources of energy
  • Potential and kinetic energy
  • Heat transfer
  • Insulation and energy saving
  • Energy transfer to surroundings
  • The national electricity supply system
Planet Earth & Beyond
  • Relationship of the sun to the Earth
  • Relationship of the moon to the Earth
  • Historical development of astronomy

Social Sciences

  • The Kingdom of Mali and City of Timbuktu in the 14thCentury
  • The Transatlantic Slave Trade
  • Colonisation of the Cape in the 17th & 18th centuries
  • Co-operation and conflict on the frontiers of the Cape Colony in early 19th Century
  • Map Skills
  • Earthquakes, Volcanoes and floods
  • Population growth and change
  • Natural resources and conservation in South Africa


  • Design process skills
  • Structures
  • Electrical systems and control
  • Investigation skills

Economic And Management Sciences

  • The Economy
  • Financial Literacy – Accounting Concepts
  • Entrepreneurship

Life Orientation

  • Development of the self in society
  • Health, Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities
  • World of Work
  • Physical Education

Creative Arts

  • Dramatic skills development
  • Drama elements in playmaking
  • Interpretation and performance
  • Appreciation and reflection
  • Media and careers

Visual Arts

  • Create in 2 D
  • Create in 3 D
  • Visual literacy


Informal as well as formal assessments take place. Informal assessment- a daily monitoring of learners` progress. Formal assessment tasks are marked and formally recorded by the teachers for progression and certification purposes.

In June and November examinations are written in all subjects.The Year end examinations count for 60% of the learners` final mark. The formal school based assessments count for 40% of the learners` final mark.

Grade 7s during Assembly

We encourage creativity and thinking outside the box with a variety of hands on projects.

Grade 7 Shongweni Dam Retreat

The Grade 7s on their Leadership Retreat at Shongweni Dam.

The Teachers

Our family is made up of inspired, experienced and professional educators.

These are our Intermediate phase educators. A writer once said, "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires"


Some Resources.

To help your children along on their academic paths, you are free to utilise these resources.

Frequently questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the Berea Primary School Foundation Phase.

How and when do we apply for places at your school?

How and when to apply is easy. When the time is right, we make it known on our school website and in local newspapers and media.

Do you admit boys?

We take boys from Grade R to Grade 3, but thereafter we become an all-girls school. This is because we do not have the space for the sporting and other facilities that growing boys require.

When do you begin and end your swimming lessons?

In summer, swimming lessons are incorporated into the curriculum and in winter this is replaced by physical education lessons.

Who is the Head of Department of the Foundation Phase?

The Head of Department for the Foundation Phase is Ms. N. Singh. Refer to our staff page on how to get in touch with her.

Where can I purchase school uniform for my child?

You can get our official school uniform from school uniform suppliers like GEM school wear.

Do you offer Aftercare services?

A Junior and Senior Care Centre facility is available on school days for peace of mind for working parents. It must however be stressed that this facility is an 'extra' and is in no way a part of the school's formal academic programme. The Care Centre is not open during school holidays

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