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Junior and Senior Care Centre

After Care

A Junior and Senior Care Centre facility is available on school days for peace of mind for working parents. It must however be stressed that this facility is an ‘extra’ and is in no way a part of the school’s formal academic programme. The Care Centre is not open during school holidays.


The Care Centre facility runs strictly until 17h00. A penalty is levied for each time a child is collected late, as a staff member is then required to remain on duty.


A certain amount of supervised homework is provided. The onus however, does lie with parents to ensure that all homework is correctly completed and that the homework book is signed. Children are well cared for and a number of indoor and outdoor activities are offered.
Please make all cheques payable to Berea Primary School for Care Centre fees and payments are to be made through the Bursar. Class teachers will also collect monies before 8.00 am daily. Please try to use the direct deposit method as we are trying to avoid having cash on our premises. (NB. It is also unwise to send learners to school with cash payments.)


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