Grade R

Why Choose

Berea Primary School...

New Beginnings

Qualified Teachers

We have the most dedicated and talented teachers taking care and educating our young ones.

Equipped Classrooms

The Grade R year is a happy and introductory year at Berea Primary School.

Advanced Teaching

Good nutrition is always advised and healthy packed lunches are encouraged.


We love and can't wait to come to school.

The Sky Is No Limit

We teach our students that they can achieve anything if they put their minds to it.


Learning is fun!

Grade R

The Foundation


Our Grade R unit is a loving, nurturing environment where children can develop solid values and morals. We focus on the development of the whole child – emotionally, physically, socially and cognitively.


During this year of school we explore the Letterland programme to build an awareness of sounds and letters. Our formal lessons incorporate and extend the CAPS curriculum for Grade R. The Grade R unit boasts an outdoor area where children can extend their knowledge and skills. Activities include gardening, construction, water play, building in the sandpit and strengthening their muscles on the monkey bars.

Our Promise

We ensure that the Grade R unit is structured to encourage opportunity for both formal and informal learning throughout the day. Children have the opportunity to visit the newly refurbished school library once a week. Here the children experience the joy of reading and they are encouraged to take books home to enjoy reading at home. Information technology is included in the curriculum with small grouped learners visiting the computer centre once a week.

The Fun

The children have lots of fun learning about music and movement with our specialist teacher. Grade R is an exciting year where the children are introduced to many new experiences and activities. The also do:

Berea Family

Our family is made up of inspired, experienced and professional educators; friendly, caring and helpful support staff; involved and appreciative parents; and many happy and fulfilled children!


The Berea Primary family will strive to:

Sharing Principles

We all share the same goals and principles. We believe in our learners and have high expectations for them.
Wonderful Environment
We have a beautiful and love filled environment that is ideal for our new and excited students.
Sport Activities
We have a variety of sports facilities and knowledgeable instructors/coaches to go along with them to ensure that our learners grow holistically.
Play Area
All work and no play makes our boys and girls dull indeed and that is why we have a beautiful and very safe play area.

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