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Welcome to the Intermediate Phase (Grade 4, 5 and 6).
As our learners leave the Foundation Phase in Grade 3 and embark on a new chapter of their school career, they enter the Intermediate Phase which is Grade 4 and 5.
These two years are a very important part of their schooling. Here they are for the first time introduced to the full curriculum and many new subjects.
Their time at school is from 07h30 to 14h10, with two short breaks, 10h00 to 10h20 and 12h50 to 13h10.


They are now treated as young ladies who are about to develop their own potential and independence. They are responsible for their actions; for completing tasks, projects and homework on their own with only guidance from their parents; independent study methods; reading daily and independently and ensuring that they understand and carry out the ethos of our school; manners and respectfulness at all times as well as pride in their appearance and school work.

Subjects Introduced

The subjects now introduced and expanded on in Grade 4 are as follows:

Ensured Growth

We know how difficult this transition can be for our young learners, but with constant contact with our highly motivated and experienced teachers, a positive attitude, regular school attendance, perseverance and hard work, we ensure that each learner has the opportunity to grow and develop to reach their unique potential.

Grade 6

Grade 6 falls under the Intermediate Phase according to the Department of Education. This is the end of the Phase and is more challenging to learners. At this stage learners develop a sense of independent learning as they develop a broad range of skills and abilities.

The Intermediate phase includes six compulsory subjects:

Departmental Heads

Our family is made up of inspired, experienced and professional educators.
Departmental Head IP Mrs Immelman
Library (Departmental Head)

MRS. L. Immelman

Departmental Head SP and IPMrs Pillay
Grade 6P (Departmental Head)

MRS. G. Pillay

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when to apply is easy. When the time is right, we make it known on our school website and in local newspapers and media.

We take boys from Grade R to Grade 3, but thereafter we become an all-girls school. This is because we do not have the space for the sporting and other facilities that growing boys require.

In summer, swimming lessons are incorporated into the curriculum and in winter this is replaced by physical education lessons.

The Department Head for the Foundation Phase is Ms. N. Singh. Refer to our staff page on how to get in touch with her.

You can get our official school uniform from school uniform suppliers like GEM school wear.

A Junior and Senior Care Centre facility is available on school days for peace of mind for working parents. It must however be stressed that this facility is an ‘extra’ and is in no way a part of the school’s formal academic programme. The Care Centre is not open during school holidays.

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